This semi-permanent application is the pinnacle in eyebrow tattoo technology. Our well renowned cosmetic tattoo specialists are skilfully trained in the most modern brow tattooing techniques including the popular Feather Touch and Ombre cosmetic artistry. With a wealth of knowledge, you can trust that your brows are in the right hands! There is no ‘one size fits all', we design your new brows around your facial features and skin tone. The procedure is quick and results are immediate and can last for up to two years.

Feather touch, Microblading, Embroidery, Hairstroke . . . it’s all the same thing! This delicate technique creates effortlessly natural and beautiful brows with a blend of simulated hair strokes that mimic real growth! If you suffer from over-plucking, ultra light or just sparse eyebrows, then Feather Touch tattooing is going to change your life.

Ombre brows are the latest and greatest trend in the cosmetic tattoo industry. This technique is created with a digital machine and designed to implant pigment throughout in the brow in order to create a soft powder finish. The term ‘Ombre’ refers to the brows being softer and lighter through the fronts of the brow while being more full and defined through the tails. Ombre is better suited to (but not limited to) oiler skin types. If you love the way your brows look after tinting/henna or with a little bit of brow powder, the Ombre brow tattooing is the way for you!

Now, if you’re not confused yet . . . we also offer a blend of the two techniques. We like to call this option a Combination Brow. While seamlessly combining the two popular techniques, clients can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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